The workshop for phase two will be held on the 23rd October 2017 at the Lighthouse in Glasgow. Please, consult the following link for more details on the  new dialogics workshop 2017


The project workshop held on the 23rd November 2015 at the Glasgow Chambers. There were 27 participants including members of Glasgow City Council, Strathclyde University, University of Glasgow, Glasgow School of Arts, Environmental NGOs and Glasgow Allotments Forum.

There were two presentations during the first part of the workshop. The University of Glasgow and Glasgow School of Arts spoke on the advantages of the use of narrative to report on climate change via a dialogical/democratic approach and using arts/design. Glasgow City Council followed with a presentation on different initiatives to reduce carbon emissions.

On the second part of the workshop, participants had space to discuss in groups possible ways to improve reporting for carbon emissions. Each group contributed differently, but at the same time in a complementary manner, to the reporting debate which was definitely an illuminating experience.

We are all very grateful for the time participants dedicated to the project and for the engagement between reporters and reportees achieved so far.

We have now created an art exhibition to showcase the work.

We will be posting regular updates on the project and we hope to hear your thoughts on the development of the art work.

Once again many thanks for your support!

Thereza, John and Lynn