New Dialogics is a joint project between the University of Glasgow and Glasgow School of Art. It combines expertise from the Adam Smith Business School at the UofG and creative communication design students and staff at the GSA.

The research project proposes the development of a new type of accounting using an interdisciplinary approach. Organisations and businesses have large amounts of data they need to make sense of and present to a range of audiences. Dr de Aguiar and Ms Lynn Bradley have been exploring the role of social accounting in presenting this data. Through the GSA’s Sustainability group, they have teamed up with Communication Design students and staff to consider the issues and produce examples of how data can be presented in new ways.

The project team will be working with Glasgow City Council; through a series of workshops and project days the organisation, the general public and GSA students will be able to assess the data, the intended use of it, and combine expertise to deliver innovative ways of presenting data to these audiences.

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  1. Judy Wilkinson

    I was at the ‘Scotland’s organic future’ event at the Project cafe last night. Organic farming will reduce carbon emissions and we were discussing how to encourage organic consumers. I wonder if some visual display of the virtuous circles we are or could be engaged with aid understanding? My personal one is: growing produce from my allotment, collecting peelings etc, compost, return to the soil, growing. However I also purchase organic good for the rest of my diet and so could be part of a larger virtuous circle and connections…
    just a thought


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